Chiropractic Care For The Whole Family

Dr. Struebing provides gentle and effective chiropractic care for every member of your family.

Our goal is to improve the health of as many people as possible through chiropractic care. We focus on restoring communication between your nervous system and the rest of your body using chiropractic adjustments. This not only will reduce pain but will allow your body to function at its highest level.

We figure out what's wrong, what needs to be done, and how long it's going to take to get you better. This allows you to get back to doing the activities you enjoy with those you love.

Meet Dr. Parker Struebing

Dr. Struebing grew up visiting his small Nebraska town's chiropractor.

He recognized how much it benefitted his overall wellness, so he decided to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic-Davenport in adulthood.

After studying the industry, he worked alongside professionals in Nebraska, Iowa, and Colorado, while developing skills and learning from the best. Dr. Struebing's family brought him back home to Omaha, where he is operating Struebing Family Chiropractic to serve the people of West Omaha.

He is skilled in chiropractic adjustments using gentle and effective techniques. He has experience treating the whole family, ranging from infants to adults to elderly patients. Dr. Struebing is also Webster certified which is the gold standard for treating pregnant patients.

He looks forward to serving you and your family.

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